Vista allows you to control your kids computer use!? No way!

According to another Mojave Experiment ad, Vista lets you control your kids computer use. It allows you to set the amount of time per day, and the hours of the day that your kids can be on the computer. It also tells you what the kids have been doing. Mac OS X has included those features since Tiger (10.4.) Leopard even allows you to manage the account from another computer on the network. See the screenshots after the break. Continue reading

Vista lets you record TV!? No way!!

I just saw a commercial for Vista. They were showing off how Vista can, get this, record live TV so you can watch it later. I really wish my computer could do that…wait, it can.
TV Tuner cards for computers have been around for a long time. Any tower PC, and now even laptops and all-in-ones, can record directly from the cable coming into your house. There is no benefit to having Vista. You simply don’t need Vista to use a TV tuner. Not only that, the commercial seemed to suggest that by simply (or not-so-simply) installing Vista would suddenly allow your computer to record TV. The problem is that you still need a tuner card. And how much do you want to bet that you tuner card will work with Vista? Oh, and you also need Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate. I’d rather spend the money on an HD tuner.
Now if only the video on Mojave worked…