GrowlMail + Lots of Emails = Epic Fail

Yes, I said epic fail. Only because I suggested Growl (and consequently, GorwlMail which comes bundled) I figured I needed to write this. I just switched Gmail from POP to IMAP. IMAP allows multiple computers (or PDAs, etc.) to check the mail and sync it with the other devices. With POP the email is downloaded, and that’s it. With IMAP, for example, if I moved a message to another folder on my BlackBerry, it would be moved to that folder on my computer when I got home. With POP the message on my computer and on the internet would be where it was originally. Continue reading

“Must Have” Mac Software

A friend of mine is getting a Mac soon, and asked me what software he should get for it. I named a few applications, but that got me thinking about all the applications I couldn’t live without. There are many more applications for Mac OS X, and some of them are really cool. This list, however, is for pratical software that I use every day, or else have found it very useful when I need it.

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Looking for a good AIM client? On a Mac, and hate iChat? Hate AIM 4.7 for Mac even more (it was released 4 years ago, after all!) Enter Adium. Adium is an open source, free, ad free, hassle free, customizable AIM, GTalk, Jabber, YIM, ICQ, .Mac, Live Journal, MSN Messenger, Bonjour, MySpace IM, Gadu-Gadu, QQ, Sametime, and Novell Groupwise compatible IM client. Continue reading