My name is Ed Carlson. I’m a television and film creator. I do everything from technical director to director of photography. I also build things, fix things, and go outside occasionally.

If you are interested in my work, check out my demo reel. You can follow me on The Twitter @edc133, on The Facebook, or on my blog at EdCarlson.com (where you are now).

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the “Motorola Talkabout T4900 Disassembly” tutorial. My daughter dropped the walkie talkie and the antenna cover came off. I was able to put it back on with your help. Thanks!

  2. Hey Ed,

    Would you be interested in selling the TV 0.9 Noct?



  3. brett says:

    Thanks,disassembly very informative!Explains why my one antenna a little loose on t5620.Torx screw not snug from factory?

  4. Ramiro E Bahamon says:

    thank you for the motorola T4900 disassembly instructions. I have to clean the connections after the rechargeable battery exploded (quite nasty stuff).

    Now they are both working. BTw, we are using them for the school re-openings in California. The school pick up is crazy and very slow because teachers must keep the distance protocols so they have to ask the parent the name of the kid, rush inside the school and look for the kid. We decided to use our walkies to ring once we get to the pick up area son my son can raise his hand, because he knows he is next, and the teacher can find him much faster.

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