Razer Diamondback and the Mac

I got an awesome early Birthday present. A Razer Diamondback 3G. I decided to download the Razer Pro|Click drivers, because the Pro|Click and Diamondback really are the same mouse, just with different colors. Unfortunately, the drivers did absolutely nothing. So I decided to use a product I reviewed earlier, USB Overdrive. Again, the driver didn’t work. This time, though, it made the right side-buttons act exactly the same as the scroll wheel. In my quest for full Diamondback functionality, I looked at SteerMouse. This $20 application is actually better than USB Overdrive, in that it recognized all the buttons properly, and it overrides the system control of sensitivity and speed. It also includes a feature that jumps the cursor to any of the window control buttons, or the default (OK, Cancel) button.

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