“Social Networking?”

If you know me at all, you know that I am against “social networking” websites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) Always have been. Unfortunately, I think I just got inadvertently sucked into one: Plaxo. I got an email from Comcast telling me about these “new features.” Now I usually ignore these because the “features” either don’t work on Macs (Norton), or they are all marketing, and not actually something I can take advantage of (see “PowerBoost”.) Plaxo, however, is different. It was pitched as a universal address book. Now I love integration, so unlike Facebook, where your “friend’s” info and photos are stuck on the internets, Plaxo actually syncs with Apple’s Address Book application and iCal calendar and Mail.app. EDIT: I rescind my previous statements about Plaxo: Read this.

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