Arduino-based automatic cable cutter

Instead of cutting cables manually, like a chump, I built this:

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YouTube Link to 

The code is available here.

Parts list:

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Film and television Director of Photography working in Los Angeles, CA.
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4 Responses to Arduino-based automatic cable cutter

  1. Navarro says:

    hello !
    Nice Proyect

    Do you have a simple diagram how to conect the stepper motor and the servo to the Mega ?
    thank you for your help!!

  2. Mena says:

    Hi Edward
    Good day. I’m interested in buy this machine to use it in measuring and cutting hoses Please contact me via what’s app 002 0122 4244 173
    My best regards,

  3. Narendra Rayba Chavan says:

    Hi, We are from India. Can we get the list of parts. So we could assemble here in India. Or you may send the machine for us. You can call to +91 7588513856. This is my what’s up no.

  4. Thamizhselvan says:

    Dear sir, please send about this project hardware schematic diagram and details

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