New Website

As you may have noticed, the homepage has changed drastically. I decided to make it much simpler, as well as move the media to automatically generated galleries (more on that soon.) I just started college, so I wanted my site to be more professional looking and easier to navigate, as well as get rid of old irrelevant pages. I have moved pictures to Picasa Web because I don’t have time to hand-code galleries anymore. Picasa Web is owned by Google, a very cool company. I can also upload pictures directly from iPhoto. The video gallery is still being worked on as I slowly learn CSS and PHP. The video gallery will be hosted on my server, so I will have more control over it than the picture gallery (and I like controlling my own stuff, one reason for installing WordPress here.) I need to work out some problems, figure out how to do some things, and just get it functioning. Only then will I be able to add CSS to change colors and the like. Be patient. The old video site is still up here, but it will not be maintained. is still up, along with all the videos there. Stay tuned.

About Edward Carlson

Broadcast television engineer working in Los Angeles, CA.
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