iTunes file management

You’d think that database management wouldn’t be that hard. Not in the digital age, right? Wrong. When it comes down to it, iTunes is a database application. And not a very complete one. I recently had to organize over 13,000 music files in iTunes. All I have to say is, iTunes needs better management tools for large databases. Luckily there is a developer out there who makes some of the tools I needed. Actually it’s a whole group of developers. Doug’s AppleScripts is a collection of scripts for iTunes that automate lots of tasks. One of my favorites is Proper English Title Capitalization. Somehow lots of the music was titled without any capitals. A simple script would just make the first letter capital. This takes it a step further and doesn’t capitalize the, a, an, at, and, etc. The user can also edit the script with words that have special rules, like USA, or McCartney. There are a bunch of others on the site, most are an invaluable tool for anyone trying to organize their iTunes database.

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