Video Gear

People have been asking me what equipment I use for my video production. Well, here it is:

  1. Panasonic AG-DVC30 camcorder.
  2. Panasonic AG-MYA30G XLR adapter.
  3. Panasonic PVGS70, playback only.
  4. Impact CGR-D54 type rechargeable battery.
  5. Røde NTG-1 shotgun mic with SM3 shock mount, Røde deadcat, and Røde boompole.
  6. Raynox HD6600 Pro .66x wide angle lens with Cavision LH77 lens hood.
  7. Sennheiser EW150 wireless kit.
  8. ElectroVoice 635A omnidirectional handheld microphone (vintage, although still in production.)
  9. Rolls MX422 field mixer.
  10. Sony MDR-V150 headphones.
  11. Bogen 351MVB tripod with 503HDV head.
  12. Assorted XLR cables and adapters.
  13. iMac G5 2GHz with 1GB RAM.
  14. Dell 1703FP monitor.
  15. Final Cut Studio.
  16. LaCie hard drives: 160GB Firewire, 1TB Combo FW/USB.
  17. Seagate 1TB in CoolMax CD-311 enclosure.
  18. Two Iomega 250GB archive drives, FW/USB.
  19. Memorex DVD±RW DL LightScribe burner.
Panasonic DVC30 – Awesome standard definition camcorder. Has 3 CCDs for good color reproduction. Although the chips are small, the low light ability is far better than expected. And if that’s not enough, it has infrared night vision (in black and white, not Sony green.) Out of production, but any of the Panasonic Proline camcorders are excellent.
Panasonic XLR Adapter – Pretty much required equipment (in my opinion) for this camcorder. Gives you two XLR inputs with switchable phantom power and Mic/Line level. Out of production.
Panasonic PVGS70 – My old camera that I now use for importing/playback only. The lens broke, but the tape deck still works fine. Out of production.
Impact battery – High capacity Li-ion battery. Lasts for about two tapes worth of recording with the LCD.
Røde NTG-1 – The Røde VideoMic made me a fan, and the NTG-1 does not disappoint. Short shotgun mic good for pretty much any ENG type thing you can do. I’ve even mounted it to a boom to do interviews and such. Røde is announcing the NTG-3 soon, I might have to have it.
Raynox HD-6600 – A great wide angle. It has just enough magnification to get in really close, but not so much that you can instantly tell there’s a wide angle on. Not for skateboard videos, but good for parties and when the fans storm the football field. The LH77 makes it look cool, and provides some shade. Lens comes in a variety of sizes, and the LH77 clamps right on to the front.
Sennheiser EW150 – Wireless kit consisting of the 100 series transmitter and receiver, plus the 500 series XLR plug-on transmitter. The 500 series has phantom power, which was necessary for the NTG-1. Kit no longer available, but components available separately.
ElectroVoice 635A – Vintage microphone, but still used and produced today. Omni-directional mic good for
interviews. Called the hammer, and for good reason. Also comes in black.
Rolls MX-422 – I got this mixer for cheap on eBay, and it did not disappoint. 4 inputs with switchable phantom power and low cut. Two VU meters that light up with UV light that makes the needles glow. Comes with it’s own case and shoulder strap.
Sony MDR-V150 – Cheap headphones ($13) that work. Nice bass response and padding. Not Sennehiser, but good enough for me.
Bogen tripod kit – Discussed here.
XLR cables – Necessary. Look on eBay for cheap ones that can get destroyed (it happens.)
iMac G5 – A little outdated, but still runs great. Running OS X Tiger and dual monitors.
Dell 1703FP – I hate Dell monitors. The first one I had (free, but still) had an entire column of dead pixels. Dell was great about returning it and getting another, but the replacement has one dead pixel and a nice white blurry spot. OK, so maybe you can’t see it, but I can. The only reason I still have it because it was free, and it rotates. I’ll probably upgrade to better one if I can get for free (yeah, right.)
Final Cut Studio – FCP version 5.0. Can’t wait to get version 6 (Studio 2.)
LaCie hard drives – The 160, my first hard drive, is now used for backup only. The 1TB was, I thought, the last drive I would need. Oops, now I have 30GB left. Actually a RAID 0 with 2 500GB drives makes start-up time suffer, but still works nicely. The power supply recently got damaged and is now making a disconcerting hissing noise. LaCie is horrible with customer service, so I just got a new one on eBay.
Seagate 1TB – Awesome drive. They finally made a 1TB drive I like. I decided to put it in my own case cause I heard it was cheaper. It was so easy to do I can’t believe I ever bought a drive in a case. When this one gets full I’m in trouble.
Iomega hard drives – In between the LaCie 160 and the 1TB, I made my own RAID 0 out of these two Iomega drives. They don’t like FireWire though, and kept shutting down when both plugged in. They work fine on USB, so I keep them around for archive.
Memorex DVD drive – My poor slot-loading drive in my iMac failed once, and still refuses to burn any faster than 2x. The Memorex burns at full speed on my Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs, and does dual layer and LightScribe (not that I’ve used either, but I could if I had to.)
As I write all this it occurs to me that I have acquired a lot of stuff over the years. I still haven’t gotten a proper lighting kit, but my college will have those so it seems pointless to get one now. I also don’t know a thing about lighting for video. If you want any more information on my video production, visit or the message board I frequent:

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