Blu-Ray Wins

Not really new news, but Blu-Ray has officially won the format war. I, by the way, predicted that Blu-Ray would win. If you are not familiar, the format war was between Blu-Ray and HD DVD over how to store high definition movies on a DVD. A standard DVD player uses a red laser to read (and sometimes burn) data onto a 4.7 GB DVD. High definition content is too big to fit on a standard 4.7 GB DVD, so something new had to be created. Toshiba and NEC backed HD DVD, while Sony (among others) backed Blu-Ray (that alone told me Blu-Ray would win.) Blu-Ray also has more storage capacity than HD DVD (50GB vs. 30GB.) Read this for more about the war. The reason Blu-Ray won was primarily because Warner Brothers, Walmart, and Netflix dropped HD DVD. Despite Toshiba coming out with an HD DVD player before any Blu-Ray players were out, Blu-Ray won. Anyone remember the VHS – Betamax war? Same thing, different generation.

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