“Must Have” Mac Software, addendum

In the course of using my Mac, I found some software products I neglected to mention last time. But, thats what addendums are for!

ForgetMeNot – Essential plugin for Safari. Features Unclose Window and Unclose Tab. Pretty much what it sounds like: lets you undo closing a tab like you undo typing. Free.

FMenu – Addicted to Facebook? Have Growl? This is for you then. Shows Growl notifications and a count in the menu bar when you get notifications on Facebook. Wall posts, Pokes, Friend requests, and status updates. Free.

twenty08 Codec Pack – Have a QuickTime moive that won’t play in QuickTime? Get a white screen with audio, but no video? This package of codecs (not really just one app) will solve most of your QuickTime playback problems. Includes all the big codecs. If this doesn’t work, try VLC. Both free.

Google Earth – A must have for any computer. Get maps and directions, and now even tour the cosmos. It’s like Google Maps on your desktop. Free (love Google.)

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One Response to “Must Have” Mac Software, addendum

  1. james says:

    Thanks again for directing me toward FMenu – cool as hell.