Motorola Talkabout T4900 Disassembly

Taking things apart is one of my hobbies. Doesn’t matter if they’re broken or not, I’ll take it apart to see how it works. In case it does break, I’ll know that I can fix it. I bought two T4900 radios from eBay. They are awesome little radios. The audio quality is phenominal, especially compared to the T6200’s, which is much worse, despite being newer. Anyway, I finally figured out how to take them apart:
step 1
Step 1. Remove batteries. You really only need to remove the left one, but why not take them all out?
Step 2. Remove faceplate. Motorola says that these faceplates are swappable, however I’ve yet to find just the faceplate for sale. Pry up the top, then work along the sides.
step 2
Step 3. Remove the volume knob. This is hard, you have to pry up evenly until it pops off. There’s a friction ring around the potentiometer shaft. They really don’t want the knob to come off.
step 3
Step 4. Open headset port cover. The cover and the hole are on two separate pieces, so you won’t be able to separate them.
step 4
Step 5. On the bottom of the battery well, there are two Torx screws. Remove them.
step 5
Step 6. Pull back the top of the rubber button sheet to expose two more Torx screws. Remove these as well.
step 6
Step 7. (My favorite step) Pry the two pieces apart. The antenna might fall off, too. The left Torx screw on the front holds the antenna onto the circuit board.
step 7
You’re done! Be careful if you want to remove the circuit board, the speaker is soldered to the board and glued onto the front piece.

This procedure should work for the T4900, as well as all similarly designed radios, such as the T5320, T5410, T5420, T5620, T5710, and T5720

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