More Mac software

This is a list of even more software that, while not all of it is practical, is definitely cool. Check back as I may be simply updating this post when I find more cool software.

  1. Smackbook
  2. LiquidMac
  3. iAlertU 
  4. ShapeShifter
  5. Chicken of the VNC
  6. JBidWatcher
  7. HandBrake
  8. Tunatic
  9. iEatBrainz
  10. VMWare Fusion
  11. Dash Level
  12. InsomniaX
  13. MacSaber
  14. DarwiinRemote
  15. MacFUSE
  16. iPodRip

1. Smackbook – Uses the sudden motion sensor of your MacBook or MackBook Pro to switch between multiple desktops. Just give your compter a tap and it switches from one thing to another. Some command line things to work with, not neat and tidy yet. Free.

2. LiquidMac – This also uses the MacBook or MacBookPro’s sudden motion sensor for fun. It renders liquid-like particles on the screen that move as you tip the computer left and right. No pratical use, but: Free.

3. iAlertU – A car alarm for your MacBook or MackBook Pro. Uses the sudden motion sensor, AC power, keyboard and mouse, and iSight to capture a would-be laptop thief. Emails the image it captures. Armed and disarmed with your Apple Remote or a password. Free.

4. ShapeShifter – Allows you to change themes of the interface of Mac OS. It may not sound impressive, but give it a try. It’s pretty cool. $20 USD.

5. Chicken of the VNC – VNC client. Allows you to control a computer over your network or even the internet. Light on CPU, simple interface, and allows fullscreen. Leopard’s screen sharing is good, if not better, but is only available in Leopard. This one is free and runs on all versions of OS X, and allows connections to any OS.

6.  JBidWatcher – eBay auction sniping tool. I’ve won a few auctions because of this app. Including my MX900, soon to be reviewed. Allows you to specify how long before the end time it should place your maximum bid. Java based, so it runs on Windows, too. Free.

7. HandBrake – The ultimate in DVD ripping. Has presets for iPod, iPhone, PSP, Television, and AppleTV. Also allows queuing for multiple rips, and rips from .iso or .dmg files. Can rip multiple languages and subtitles, and allows for target sizing. Pretty much the last app you will ever need for DVD ripping. Free.

8. Tunatic – The only software (I’ve found, at least) that identifies music simply by listening to it. Simply place an audio source near your computer’s microphone, and click Search. Tunatic connects to it’s server and runs the song through it’s massive database. Will pretty much identify any song by a major artist (anyone with a record label.) Sometimes it has problems with live recordings and indie bands. But it gives you a link to iTunes, ringtone, and lyrics once it has identified the song. The same company has a thing called Tunalyzer that searches your music and updates it’s database with anything it doesn’t have yet. Free, Windows and Mac.

9. iEatBrainz – iTunes auto-tagger. Works similarly to Tunatic, but integrates with iTunes and uses a different database.

10. VMWare Fusion – Allows you to run Windows, Linux, Unix, DOS, Sun, and FreeBSD on an Intel Mac. The best part is, it doesn’t require a restart, and you can run more than one OS at a time. Kind of expensive, though: $80 + a copy of Windows (or other OS.)

11. Dash Level – Dashboard Widget that uses a MacBook Pro’s sudden motion sensor as a virtual carpenter’s level.

12. InsomniaX – A menu extra that prevents your Mac laptop from sleeping when the lid is closed.

13. MacSaber – Uses your Mac’s sudden motion sensor to turn your computer into a lightsaber. On the MacBook Pro, it even makes the keyboard glow and flash.

14. DarwiinRemote – Synch your Wii Remote with your Mac and use the gyro sensor or the sensor bar to control your mouse movements.

15. MacFUSE – From the cool people at Google comes, not an application per-se, but a driver of sorts. MacFUSE is a driver for different file systems. In laymen’s terms, it lets you read Windows formatted hard drives in the Finder. Well, not out of the box, you have to install the specific file system driver (NTFS-3g in this case.) There are also drivers for SMB, SSH, even GMail and Picassa web. It mounts these file systems like a regular hard drive on your desktop. A must have if you need to read and write NTFS or other formatted drives.

16. iPodRip – Rips music off of your iPod. So say you get a new Mac because your PC crashed, but all of your songs are on your iPod. iPodRip will automatically copy all the songs from your iPod directly into iTunes. Pretty cool. It also allows for manual importing, and even shows your playlists.

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