Two Films

I have finally gotten around to finding a 16 mm projector so I can share these with the world. The following two films were made for my intro to film production class. The first one was a group project, two other people worked on it with me. The second one was my final project that I had to do alone. Neither of these have audio, so don’t freak out. Videos and more talking after the break.

“Film Crew”

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“Leggo My Eggo”

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Both of these films were shot on the Bolex H16 16 mm camera. We shot on Kodak Plus-X B&W reversal film. No artificial light was used, only what was available in the rooms and outside. I don’t have any production stills, unfortunately,┬ábecause none of us had a camera, which is ironic when you think about it. Next year I’m going to be making color film with sound, and they will be transferred to DVCAM for editing, so hopefully I can post them sooner.

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