Looking for a good AIM client? On a Mac, and hate iChat? Hate AIM 4.7 for Mac even more (it was released 4 years ago, after all!) EnterĀ Adium. Adium is an open source, free, ad free, hassle free, customizable AIM, GTalk, Jabber, YIM, ICQ, .Mac, Live Journal, MSN Messenger, Bonjour, MySpace IM, Gadu-Gadu, QQ, Sametime, and Novell Groupwise compatible IM client. That’s a lot. The look of the buddy list and message windows is customizable, as well as sounds and icons, groups can be floated (very cool), real names can be used, and contacts can be combined. It also supports Address Book import and export, as well asĀ Growl notifications. It also has tabbed chats (like Firefox’s or Safari’s tabbed browsing), it supports mobile IMing, and encrypted chats (OTR). Did I mention there are no ads? It’s also updated regularly (AIM last updated their client for Mac in Feb. of 2004.) I highly suggest you check it out. The only problems stem from the fact that Adium uses libpurple as it’s code base. libpurple has problems with file transfer (Mac to Mac is OK, but Mac to PC is hit or miss) a well as video and audio chat (meaning there is none.) Also, pictures in the profiles don’t show up, but the “official” AIM for Mac doesn’t display them either (and probably never will, since AOL dropped development at 4.7.1333)

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