Backlog much?

I need to get working on stuff. I have a slideshow, a basketball game (soon to be two), and two college applications to work on. Plus a French project. Plus an English research paper. Why am I writing in a blog? And watching House? And reading the DV Info Net forum? And not editing or applying or scanning or French-ing or researching? ‘Cause I’m lazy. All I should be typing right now is J K L and F9 (nerdy FCP joke.) Backlog much?

Bogen 503HDV head

For Christmas I got the Bogen 503HDV/351MVB kit from B&H. The sticks are great (and it comes with a spreader) but the head leaves something to be desired. I know that it isn’t an expensive head ($338 is not expensive for a fluid head) but I was expecting more. I love the lighted bubble level, the counterbalance spring,  and I love the pan handle, but the pan and tilt tension suck. There’s just not enough. I can crank the tilt drag up to full and it seems like it’s still only at half of what it should be. The tilt drag has good tension (I can crank it up till I can hardly move it), but its not as consistent as I would like. Really, all I would like to see is for Bogen to put more tension on the tilt axis. Otherwise it’s a good setup for only $600.

I have a blog

As amazing as it sounds: after three years of resistance, I have succumbed to the blogging world. Why? Because WordPress makes it worthwhile, and I can install it on my own server. What’s next? Using my cell phone? Text messaging? Facebook? Maybe, but only if I can run it from my own server.