The Awkward Hallway and other site stuff

Up until now I haven’t posed about my video projects. This is mainly because the stuff I’ve been doing isn’t very exciting. Comedy shows that run 90 minutes are not very web-friendly. Also, I don’t really have a good way to integrate my videos with this blog. I have no knowledge of PHP, so I can’t get into the code as much as I would like, and that’s why the blog and website have stayed separate.

I realized the other day that I didn’t have a copy of my award-winning video online yet. I don’t remember why I didn’t originally, but that has since been rectified. The video is entitled “The Awkward Hallway.” It was an entry for the PA High School Computer Fair in 2008. It won in our district and took audience favorite in states. It is available on my professional works page, middle link on the top row.

It is now available embedded!! Yay!

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The story was written by my classmate Kat Keegan, and my friends J.C. Godlove and Kevin Levy starred in it, including a small part by me, J.C.’s dad, and Marlee Castelli. I did all the voice overs myself. I really hate hearing myself talk. At least, a recording of myself talking. I can talk all day if you can get me going.

Feel free to check out all the videos on that page. They are all professional caliber work (I think, at least) on my production website, not this site (although they are on the same server.) If anyone has any suggestions for making video galleries, I’m all ears. I have a bunch of old video my friends and I made, but I have no good way of displaying them. The current “gallery” on the ALT-5 site takes a lot of work to post even one new video, from the thumbnail creation, to the HTML page, links, uploading. It’s a pain, and doing that for the hundreds of short videos I have would take time I really don’t want to spend.

More Facebook Badness

Despite users despising the new layout, the user-hating folks at Facebook have decided to change the design yet again. This time, they have changed the look of the homepage only. Unfortunately, this is where most users spend most of their time, so it has a significant impact. In the old new design, wall posts, status updates, and the like were all in the same place. Each of the different things had a unique look to them. At a glance you could distinguish between wall posts and status updates. Not anymore. Continue reading

Circuit City now 50% off

Circuit City has now gone to 50% off (from the original 30%.) But even better, they are selling the store parts, too. Not only can you purchase a brand new HDTV, but you can also buy the shelf it’s siting on, the power strip it’s plugged in to, and the cables it’s hooked up with. I just scored myself a 4-way video distribution amplifier for $15. And yes, you can haggle with them, especially if they are busy.

Vista lets you record TV!? No way!!

I just saw a commercial for Vista. They were showing off how Vista can, get this, record live TV so you can watch it later. I really wish my computer could do that…wait, it can.
TV Tuner cards for computers have been around for a long time. Any tower PC, and now even laptops and all-in-ones, can record directly from the cable coming into your house. There is no benefit to having Vista. You simply don’t need Vista to use a TV tuner. Not only that, the commercial seemed to suggest that by simply (or not-so-simply) installing Vista would suddenly allow your computer to record TV. The problem is that you still need a tuner card. And how much do you want to bet that you tuner card will work with Vista? Oh, and you also need Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate. I’d rather spend the money on an HD tuner.
Now if only the video on Mojave worked…

New Website

As you may have noticed, the homepage has changed drastically. I decided to make it much simpler, as well as move the media to automatically generated galleries (more on that soon.) I just started college, so I wanted my site to be more professional looking and easier to navigate, as well as get rid of old irrelevant pages. I have moved pictures to Picasa Web because I don’t have time to hand-code galleries anymore. Picasa Web is owned by Google, a very cool company. I can also upload pictures directly from iPhoto. The video gallery is still being worked on as I slowly learn CSS and PHP. The video gallery will be hosted on my server, so I will have more control over it than the picture gallery (and I like controlling my own stuff, one reason for installing WordPress here.) I need to work out some problems, figure out how to do some things, and just get it functioning. Only then will I be able to add CSS to change colors and the like. Be patient. The old video site is still up here, but it will not be maintained. is still up, along with all the videos there. Stay tuned.