Please, stop using Picnik

Please, stop using Picnik. It’s really obnoxious.
If you aren’t familiar with Picnik, it is an online photo editor. It also lets you “get creative” with their “oodles of effects.” No doubt if you are on the Facebook, then you have seen a picture that looks like this:

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

Too bad templates are not creative at all. They are actually just the illusion of creativity. I have seen at least 4 pictures from different people using that Polaroid-film frame template. Honestly folks, it adds nothing to your photos. Please, stop doing it.

“Social Networking?”

If you know me at all, you know that I am against “social networking” websites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) Always have been. Unfortunately, I think I just got inadvertently sucked into one: Plaxo. I got an email from Comcast telling me about these “new features.” Now I usually ignore these because the “features” either don’t work on Macs (Norton), or they are all marketing, and not actually something I can take advantage of (see “PowerBoost”.) Plaxo, however, is different. It was pitched as a universal address book. Now I love integration, so unlike Facebook, where your “friend’s” info and photos are stuck on the internets, Plaxo actually syncs with Apple’s Address Book application and iCal calendar and EDIT: I rescind my previous statements about Plaxo: Read this.

I have a blog

As amazing as it sounds: after three years of resistance, I have succumbed to the blogging world. Why? Because WordPress makes it worthwhile, and I can install it on my own server. What’s next? Using my cell phone? Text messaging? Facebook? Maybe, but only if I can run it from my own server.