I’m hot, covered in dirt, and all my clothes smell like a campfire… (Texas part 4)

I’m now two weeks into girl’s camp. There have already been intense rivalries between the two tribes, war games, capture the flag, and war canoe. I’ve already discussed war games, and capture the flag is no less intense.


I thought that it would be a regular game of capture the flag, red flag at one end of a field, blue at the other. But I was wrong. Again.

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Backlog much?

I need to get working on stuff. I have a slideshow, a basketball game (soon to be two), and two college applications to work on. Plus a French project. Plus an English research paper. Why am I writing in a blog? And watching House? And reading the DV Info Net forum? And not editing or applying or scanning or French-ing or researching? ‘Cause I’m lazy. All I should be typing right now is J K L and F9 (nerdy FCP joke.) Backlog much?