Icom IC-F6011 audio input

On a recent gig I was introduced to the Riedel Riface. It’s a custom rack-mount chassis for two Motorola GM360 radios, so they can interface with an audio console, intercom system, or even themselves to use as a repeater.

One of the other guys in the company figured he could build one for cheaper than the commercial version. It uses two Icom IC-F6011 base units. Getting audio out of the Icoms is easy, there’s a 3.5mm stereo jack on the back.

Getting audio into the unit is more of challenge.


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Disneynature Callouts

I recently had the opportunity to shoot VOD callouts for a new Disneynature documentary, “Wings of Life”. Director Louie Schwartzberg introduced the film for several VOD platforms, including Xfinity, FiOS, and TWC. He also did a quick interview with the folks from Disney’s D23 fan club.

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Here are a couple behind the scenes photos.




We had a huge bank of windows to contend with. I only had a tungsten kit, so we gelled everything blue, except the backlight, which I kept tungsten to give a bit of color offset. The sun kept moving so our flags had to adjust as well. I could talk about all the things I wish I had for this shoot (HMI, 12×12 silk), but we worked around our limitations and came out with a great product.

Look for Louie plugging “Wings of Life” on your cable or satellite VOD channel.


Camp Fern 2012 video

I spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours shooting for this video. The camp is in East Texas, near the border with Louisiana, which is quite a change from the Northeast climate I’m used to.

The video came out wonderfully, better than I could have imagined. Yes, I could have had a better camera. Yes, I wish I had an assistant camera and an audio person. Yes, I wish there was air conditioning. But the experience and finished video were worth it.

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Destination Runway shoot timelapse

I lit a commercial in 2011 for the Hofstra Student Government Association’s fashion show, Destination Runway. I also set up a camera up high on the lighting grid to take stills every few seconds.

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The camera is a Canon SX20IS with CHDK firmware and Ultimate Intervalometer. It’s mounted with a Mafer clamp and a Bogen magic arm.