Arduino-based automatic cable cutter

Instead of cutting cables manually, like a chump, I built this:

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YouTube Link to 

The code is available here.

Parts list:

DIY Gaff Tape lanyard

Gaff tape is an¬†indispensable¬†tool on any film set. If you don’t know what gaffer’s tape is, it’s a lot like duct tape, except it won’t leave a sticky adhesive residue, and it comes in many colors (black, however, is standard.) I usually keep two rolls of 2″ wide tape, as well as 1″ wide camera tape and 1/2″ wide spike tape with me. Camera tape has lower adhesion and is designed to tape the seams of camera magazines so that the film doesn’t get exposed accidently. Spike tape is thin gaff tape used for marking (or spiking) locations for set pieces or actors. But how to carry all of this gaff tape around? Continue reading