What’s in your toolbox?

I get asked a lot about which tools I have in my toolbox. As a video engineer, I need a bit of everything. Electronics tools, cable crimpers, coax strippers, all types of screwdrivers, connector breakouts, and so much more. Below  is a list, mostly with links to Amazon, of the tools I carry to every job.

The list below is my production kit that I use when I’m doing a web stream by myself, not just engineering.

Texas part 5

So far I have shot video from a motor boat, a canoe, atop a rock wall, in a horse ring, at a gun range, at an archery range, and while running through the woods. I’ve been in a climbing harness, stepped on by a horse, covered in sand and grit, I’ve sat in water, baked under the sun, and sprinted until the sweat made my eyes sting. I’m covered in bug bites, I have shin splints, I’ve bruised and cut myself multiple times. I’ve shot almost 10 hours of video so far. It has been quite an experience. In about a week the girls will leave and boy’s camp will start.

Here’s a package I edited together of the girls talking about what their tribes mean to them:

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YouTube Link to Girls Camp tribe interviews 2012